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Photographing Antiques and Collectibles

Come and join us to learn how to stage and photograph antiques and collectibles at Hot Sams!

October 7th, 2023
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Hot Sams Foto Park
(22820 Pillsbury Ave,
Lakeville MN)

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Frozen Hiker Photography is collaborating with Hot Sams Foto Park in Lakeville MN to offer this unique photo experience.  Hot Sam's has a large collection of antique buildings, cars, planes, movie props, and other "things."  It is really a photographer's paradise.  For this workshop, we will take advantage of the large collection of antiques that are available for sale.

Whether you are you are seller, collector, or just looking for something to photograph, this workshop will get your creative juices flowing.  There is a big difference between simply putting an item on a table top or counter and taking a few photos and properly staging and lighting a subject. The best part is that it does not need to be overly complicated or require a large investment in equipment.  Any type of camera will work (yes even phone cameras), and sets can be created using simple low cost or even free materials.   All it takes is a little creativity, understanding light, and experimenting with different compositions.


This workshop is designed to be a full hands on activity that follows the approach of short discussions followed by shooting exercises.  We have found this to be an excellent way to reinforce the class concepts. 

This course covers the following topics:

  • Building a Set

  • Working with light
    • Direction of light​
    • Basic lighting set-ups
    • Chiaroscuro Lighting
    • Working with shiny objects
    • Working with clear objects
  • Staging

    • Adding supporting subjects

    • Capturing attention

  • Equipment suggestions​

    • Working within a budget​

    • Camera set-up


During the class we will show a number of examples as we explain these concepts.  This will help you understand how this might apply to photos that you want to take.  

The workshop will take place both indoors, and outdoors.  We will begin with some simple sets and build upon those to create more interesting photos using different lighting and staging techniques.  Don will first explain the set-up and provide some guidance on shooting the various scenes.  Participants will then be able to set-up their own scenes.  

Setting the Nets-1.jpg
License Plate - NW Territories-1.jpg

What to Bring:

For this class you will need to bring:

  • your camera,

  • tripod,

  • remote shutter release,

  • flashlight, 

  • fully charged batteries,

  • your camera manual.

  • Bug spray. 


Since we will be headed outside for part of the class, make sure you have clothing appropriate for the weather.


The instructor for this class is Don Tredinnick


Workshop size is limited to 8 participants, this allows for a maximum 8 to 1 participant/instructor ratio.

We reserve the right to cancel the workshop if the minimum number of registrations are not received.  If we cancel, you will receive a full refund.

You may cancel up to 14 days prior to the workshop and receive a full refund minus a $20.00 processing fee. Cancellations after that time will not be refunded.

For any questions, feel free to email Don at

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