Galapagos is an amazing place for viewing wildlife.  The birds and marine life are abundant, curious, and in some cases very unique.  What many don't realize until they visit is that the landscape on the islands is also truly amazing. 


This Gallery contains some of my favorite images from Galapagos.

Sea Lion Pup
Galapagos Hawk
Blue Footed Booby
Blue Footed Booby in Flight
Great Frigatebird
Lava Gull with Chick
Yellow Crowned Night Heron
American Oystercatcher
Striated Heron
Waved Albatross Mating Dance
Punta Moreno - Flamingo Oasis
Bartholome Island
Isla Santiago
Tide Pools at Puerto Egas
Lava Cactus
Punto Moreno Lava Field
Tagas Cove
Puerto Egas Salt Mine Ruins
Sally Lightfoot Crab on the Beach
Sally Lightfoot Crab on the Rocks
Marine Iguana
Land Iguana