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Teaching, Shooting, & Sharing


I started Frozen Hiker Photography in late 2012 with the goal of providing classes and workshops for people wanting to improve their photographic skills. The goal remains the same and I am having just as much fun now as I did back when I started.  

I offer a number of different learning opportunities that are designed to meet a number of different needs and budgets.  These include:

  • Weekend Workshops

  • Classes at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

  • Classes at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts

  • Classes at Centennial School District Continuing Education

  • Classes at Hot Sam's Foto Park

  • Photo Hikes and Lectures at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge 


For more information, check out the Workshop Section of my website.

If you are interested in having me present at your club meeting, or arranging private lessons, please email me at


Photo taken by Tracy Tredinnick

About Me

I got introduced to photography by my grandfather. When I was around the age of 7, he gave me my first camera.  I don't remember much about it other than it took 120 mm film.  My next camera was a Kodak Instamatic that I carried with me everywhere.  When I got to college, I took my next step when my friend Cheerios helped me purchase my first SLR, a Nikon EM with a 50mm lens.  I have been using Nikon equipment ever since.


I enjoy shooting landscapes, wildlife, classic cars, old dilapidated buildings and equipment.  I have been fortunate enough to visit some amazing locations, and I am always looking for new places to visit and experience.  Some recent trips have been to Borneo, Costa Rica, Kaktovik Alaska, Galapagos Islands, Death Valley National Park, and Yellowstone National Park.

My photos have appeared in magazines, newspapers, calendars, and marketing materials.  

Photo taken by Tracy Tredinnick

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