Photography Classes at Hot Sams Foto Park

Come and join us at this amazing venue located in Lakeville, MN
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Large Scale Still Life

Date To Be Announced

Lighting the Night

September 18, 2021

6:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Playing with Fire

October 2, 2021

6:30 PM - 10:30 PM

For 2021, Frozen Hiker Photography and Hot Sams are teaming up to offer some fun and interesting photography workshops.

Hot Sams has a large collection of antique buildings cars, planes, movie props, and other things.  The reality is that you could probably spend a month shooting at this location and never run out of ideas.   I am really excited about teaching these classes. 


For more information on one of the classes either click on the photo, or scroll down the page.


Playing with Fire


Photographing fire can provide some great subject matter for a photo.  Add movement, and backgrounds, and that is where things really start to get interesting. 

B&B Entertainment will be joining us for this fun filled and challenging photography experience.  They have appeared at numerous 

During this class, you will learn techniques for capturing images of fire dancers in a very unique setting.  In addition to photographing the dancers, we will discuss lighting, anticipating movement, and composition.

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Large Scale Still Life


Hot Sam's Foto Park is a treasure trove of antiques, old movie props, old vehicles, and cool buildings.  All of these things make for great subjects.  Add a model to the scene, and all of a sudden, the photo changes from a static image to a story.

During this class, you will learn techniques for evaluating angles and lighting, story telling techniques, and subject selection.  This class will contain both a lecture and plenty of hands on shooting opportunities.


Lighting the Night


Photography is all about capturing light.  No where is that more evident than light painting.  With light painting, you are in full control over which elements in the scene show up in the photo.

The great subject matter at Hot Sams makes this the perfect location for this class. 

During this class, you will learn how to light paint using standard LED flashlights, gels, and led panels.  We will also provide an introduction to using other types of tools including light writing, simulating fire and smoke, and creating orbs.