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Camera Club Presentations

Camera clubs are a great way to meet other photographers with similar interests where members can learn from each other.  Depending upon the club, there could also be outings, salon competitions, and guest speakers.  I belong to two clubs in the Minneapolis area and look forward to the monthly meetings.

I am always willing to present to your camera club.  The following is a list of presentations available:

  • Landscape Photography - discussion of techniques for capturing landscapes.

    • Camera Settings

    • Hyperfocal Distance

    • Compositional Elements

    • Lens Selection

  • Macro Photography - a condensed version of my Macro and Close-up Photography class.

    • Equipment

    • Techniques

    • Composition

  • Winter Photography - covers shooting techniques and equipment

    • Photographing Winter Scenes

    • Protecting your Equipment

    • Protecting Yourself from the Elements

    • Favorite Minnesota Locations

  • Bird Photography - tips and tricks on capturing images of birds.

    • Camera Settings

    • Researching Your Subject

    • Birds in Flight vs. Birds at Rest

    • Equipment

  • Photography Trip Planning - discusses how to prepare for a trip with some lessons learned the hard way.

    • Researching your Location

    • Going on Your Own vs. Going with a Group

    • Knowing what to Take & What to Leave Behind

    • Dealing with the Airlines

    • What not to do

If you are interested in having me speak to your club, please send me an email at

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