Being Less Predictable

Towards the end of last year, I was attending a meeting of my local camera club. Our club has a monthly salon, and many very talented photographers. The last several meetings I attended, when my images came up for judging, someone sitting by me would ask, "Is that your photo?" I got to thinking about the fact that people seemed to be able to pick out my photos rather easily. Was this due to a particular style, or technique? Do I tend to shoot variations of the same theme? Is it simply the order of the photos in the salon? I started playing a little game called guess the photographer when looking at all of the images in the salon. I discovered that I was able to correctly identify about

Coping with Low Contrast Snowy Scenes

Winter is my favorite season for photography. Sure it is cold, but the sun is always at a nice angle, sunrise is later, and sunset is earlier. Most days the air is also a bit clearer. Notice I said most days. Occasionally, we get this thing called snow. Shooting in the snow can be a real challenge, but it can also give us many rewarding photos. The biggest challenge comes from lack of contrast. Why is this? We have a very gray sky combined with the falling snow. The falling snow mutes all of the other colors in the scene. In the film days, this was almost an impossible combination unless you wanted to spend countless hours in the darkroom burning various parts of the image. With dig

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