Don't Panic!

I spent the third week of January in Yellowstone National Park. This was my first time visiting the park in winter. Winter is definitely the time to visit the park. The roads are all closed to everything except snowmobiles and snow coaches. This makes for a very enjoyable visit as you end up having most of the locations to yourself. On Friday, we received special permission to access West Thumb. This is normally only accessible to the snowmobile tours. West Thumb is home to mostly pools, but the colors can be amazing. My favorite is sapphire pool. Imagine my shock when I uploaded my photos and they all looked like the following: Needless to say, I was not happy. Immediately thoughts

My Favorite Places for Winter Photography in Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin

On January 7th, I gave a lecture on winter photography at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Near the end of the lecture, I presented a couple of lists of places that I like to go. I thought I would also share those here so that others can enjoy and take advantage of these locations. Why share? I know of many photographers who don't like to share locations thinking of them as "their secret." There are just as many photographers who willingly share locations realizing that the location is just one part of taking a great photo. I have always seen myself as being in the second group. Plus, I enjoy seeing how others interpret the same locations. It is amazing the difference fro

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