Other Classes Offered By Minnesota Exposure Education

The classes listed on this page are offered by friends of mine through Minnesota Exposure Education.  Eventually, this page will move to the Minnesota Exposure Education website.  Until that happens, I am happy to provide a set of pages here to help with advertising the classes, and to provide a mechanism to handle registrations.  All of the classes are taught through the Dow Gallery in St. Paul.

Waterfalls and Landscapes

March 18th, 2017

Capturing silky smooth images of waterfalls can be very challenging.  Without the proper technique it is easy to end up with hot spots, lack of definition in the water, and dark areas.  What is even worse is that they tend to be rather two dimensional.

Join Alan Boucher as he shares his techniques for capturing great waterfalls.  Alan starts with some fundamentals of landscape photography to provide a baseline for photographing waterfalls.  He then discusses the techniques and equipment photograph the falls.

Bird Photography

May 20, 2017

Minnesota is a fantastic place for bird photography.  Between the residents and the migrants, there is never a shortage of great subjects.

For this workshop, I am teaming up with Craig Mullenbach.  We will cover everything from capturing birds in flight to setting up a backyard studio.  We will also cover equipment including the the minimum set-up for people getting started, to more sophisticated professional set-ups.