Lightroom Intermediate

For those that want to take their Lightroom skills to the next level.  This class will teach you how to take advantage of some of the advanced features of Lightroom.

April 22nd, 2017

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Dow Art Gallery

(2242 University Ave., St. Paul MN)


November 18th, 2017

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Dow Art Gallery

(2242 University Ave., St. Paul MN)


Most Lightroom users don't take advantage of some of the more advanced features that Lightroom has to offer.  Many of these features will actually make your workflow much simpler.  There are also features to allow you to fine tune your edits.  For example, did you know that you can use the brush tool like an air brush?  If you have taken the Lightroom Basics class, or are familiar with the basics of the Develop and Library modules of Lightroom, then this class is for you.

Course Overview:

This class consists of a mixture of lecture and hands on activities.  A set of sample images is provided to allow participants to practice the concepts presented in the lectures.  In addition, each student is given a set of videos for each of the lectures that can be referred to after the class for the purpose of review. 

This course begins with some of the advanced features of the Library module.  We will begin by looking at how Lightroom works with the images on your computer and how to go about moving and renaming images.  We will then look at the Collections feature and the benefits of creating Collections.  Finally, we will look at how to set up a publication service.

We will then move on to the Develop Module.  Sometimes there are several images that require similar edits.  One approach is to use the copy function to apply edits from one photo to another.  Sometimes we discover that there are a set of edits that we want to apply often.  For example, there may be a set of adjustments for night photos, or some standard sharpening settings.  These adjustments can be applied through the use of presets.  We will spend time creating some presets and then also discuss how presets can be obtained from third parties and added to Lightroom.  

We will then look at some of the more advanced editing capabilities of the Develop module.  The following capabilities will be covered:

  • Using the Transform panel to correct for wide angle perspective issues

  • Using the Auto Mask feature 

  • Using the Brush tool like an air brush

  • Using the Brush tool in conjunction with the Graduated Filter tool

Finally, we will spend time in the Slideshow module where we will create and export a slideshow that can be shared as a video.

What to Bring:

For this class you will need to bring a laptop computer with Lightroom installed. We will provide sample images for use during the classroom exercises.  We encourage students to use the sample images during the class, as they have been selected to specifically demonstrate the features of the product.


The instructor for this course is Don Tredinnick, assisted by Barb Thompson,  Don has been using Lightroom since its first release.


Workshop size is limited to 16 participants, this allows for a maximum 8 to 1 participant/instructor ratio.

We reserve the right to cancel the workshop if the minimum number of registrations are not received. If we cancel, you will receive a full refund.

You may cancel up to 14 days prior to the workshop and receive a full refund minus a $5.00 processing fee. Cancellations after that time will not be refunded.

For any questions, feel free to email Don at