Commonly Asked Questions

We have assembled a set of questions and answered that are commonly asked about these types of destination photography workshops.  If you have additional questions please feel free to email

What will the weather be like in Galapagos in early July?

The average high temperature in June is 79F/26C and the average low temperature is 68F/20C

How much time is spent on the islands?

Time on the islands is highly regulated by the Ecuadorian government.  Each group is allocated a time slot.  Typically we will spend about 2 hours on the island per visit. Conditions permitting, we try to make two island visits per day.

In addition to being on the islands, are there other opportunities for photography?

Yes, during the time periods when we are not on the islands, we will have opportunities to explore the shorelines from either zodiacs or from kayaks.  In addition, there will be snorkeling opportunities for those that want to try underwater photography.

How close can we get to the animals?

Regulations require that you remain at least 6 feet away from all wildlife.  In addition, you must stay on marked trails at all times.

Will we need to bring a long lens?

In general, the wildlife tend to be rather close, so having a long lens can be frustrating to use.  Some great options are zoom lenses that extend to 300-400mm.  Ideally, for a full frame camera, Nikon's 80-400 or Canon's 100-400 will work well especially if you have a second camera body that can be equipped with something along the lines of a 24-70.  Other great options include "all in one" lenses such as Nikon's or Canon's 28-300.

Can I use flash?

No, flash photography is forbidden when taking photos of wildlife. 

Will I need a laptop?

Having a laptop computer or a tablet that allows you to edit photos is recommended if you want to participate in image reviews and critiques.  In addition, Don and Bruce will be available to assist you with post processing of images.  

Will I need a tripod?

Although both Don and Bruce a big proponents of using tripods, especially for landscape photography, for this workshop you will not need one.  In fact, they will often be in the way.  If you need help with stabilization, a monopod is a better option.

How should I transport my camera gear?

We highly recommend that you carry your gear on the plane, and never check it.  This is also true for your computer and other electronic devices.

Are drones allowed?

No, drones are prohibited.

Do I need any special vaccines?

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that you be up to date on your routine vaccinations and also be vaccinated for Hepatitis A.  See the CDC website ( for more information.

Where can I learn more about Galapagos before my trip?

The Galapagos Conservancy has a fantastic website at