Early Winter  2021 - Badlands & Ghost Towns

Photography Workshop 

Dec 2 - 5 2021

Wall, SD

Cost of Workshop - $345

December is a great time to be in and around the Badlands of South Dakota.  There are very few visitors to the park at this time of year, so the opportunity to view wildlife is greatly increased.  The angle and direction of the sun, provides for some fantastic lighting.


The area in and around the Badlands National Park provides an abundance of great subjects.  During the workshop we will be photographing both inside and outside the park. While in the park we will be photographing the formations through out the day, wildlife, night skies, and doing some light painting.  In addition we will be heading out to some of the nearby ghost towns to capture the old buildings and cars.



We will begin with introductions and a review of the agenda. Don will also give a lecture on landscape photography, along with some tips on photographing the Badlands. 


Friday starts with a sunrise shoot in the park.  After sunrise, we will head back to Wall for breakfast.

After breakfast, we will head east to photograph one of the ghost towns along US 14.  We will then head into the park to capture some landscapes and look for wildlife.  We will spend all day in the park hitting some of my favorite locations.  Our final stop before dinner will be sunset and some night shooting.

After dinner, we will spend time at the hotel working on images.  Don will be on hand to assist with editing, and providing personal critique sessions.


Saturday starts with another sunrise location.

After breakfast, we will head over to Scenic SD, the second ghost town on our itinerary.  We will then explore the area around the Conata Basin.  We will hit several different areas including a sunset and night shoot.

After dinner, Don will be around to assist with editing and will also be available for one-on-one critique sessions.



Sunday begins with a sunrise shoot. We will then head back to town for breakfast. 


After breakfast we will have a slide show where everyone can share some of their favorite images from the weekend.  Time permitting, we will stop at one more location in the park.

2018 Group Picture
2018 Group Picture

Group Photo taken in front of the jailhouse in Scenic SD

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Ancient Hunters Overlook
Ancient Hunters Overlook

A lone ram roams past some of the formations.

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Night Shoot
Night Shoot

The dark skies in the Badlands make for fantastic astrophotography

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2018 Group Picture
2018 Group Picture

Group Photo taken in front of the jailhouse in Scenic SD

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 Early winter in the Badlands of South Dakota serves amazing up subject matter.

What You Will Need:

This weekend will have everything from waterfalls to animals.  To make the most of the weekend the following is recommended:

  • Sturdy Tripod - wind can be a big factor this time of year.

  • Remote Shutter Release - wired tend to work best.

  • Polarizer - to help remove the glare from the water and rocks and to bring out the fall colors.

  • Split Neutral Density Filters - the contrast between the sky and the Badlands at sunrise and sunset makes this a necessity.

  • Fast wide angle lens for night photography.

  • Wide angle lens for capturing the landscapes.

  • Standard lens for shooting in the ghost towns.

  • Long telephoto lens for capturing wildlife.

  • Microfiber Towel.

  • Rain Protection for Camera - unless it is lightning, we will shoot in the rain.

  • Rain Gear for you (in case of rain)

  • Layered Clothing (this time of year the weather can be pretty unpredictable, gloves and a hat are always a good idea.)

  • Camera Manual

  • Spare Batteries & Memory Cards

  • Laptop and Card Reader

  • Hiking shoes or boots - there may be some snow on the ground.

  • Traction devices for your shoes incase it is icy.


We will be staying at the Hotel Badlands (formerly Days Inn) in Wall, South Dakota.  More details will be coming once a rate for 2019 has been determined. 


This workshop is led by Don Tredinnick.  


Workshop size is limited to 8 participants.


Workshop price is for the workshop only and does not include lodging, meals, park entrance fees, or transportation.


All participants will be asked to sign a liability waiver.

Some of the locations require some moderate hiking. 


We reserve the right to cancel the workshop if the minimum number of registrations are not received.  If we cancel, you will be given a full refund.


You can cancel up to 14 days prior to the workshop.  We will refund your money minus a $5.00 processing fee.